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A Hamster Named Mr. Goxx Trading Cryptocurrencies In Rigged Box

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Since June this year, a hamster in Germany, has been assigned the task of trading cryptocurrencies. Dealing with real money, hamster has done just well and has outperformed the likes of Nasdaq, Bitcoin and also Warren Buffet’s investment company, Berkshire Hathaway, Business Insider reported.

While humans debate trade-offs of cryptocurrencies as a mode of exchange and also in investment, a hamster & his unidentified human are showing the best way to deal with volatile currency. The hamster named Mr. Goxx, goes about his daily business of running on his wheel & spending time in his box while making decisions on the fly about which cryptocurrencies to buy & which to sell.

Supporting him in his endeavor is high-tech ‘office’ that his human has built around him. The wheel helps Mr. Goxx pick one among the 30 crypto coins he trades in, while decision to buy for or sell is determined by which ‘decision’ tunnel, Mr. Goxx runs through immediately next. While purchase decision happens for a transaction worth €20 ($23) at a time, ‘sell’ trigger liquidates all the assets held for the chosen coin. Just in case, you’re still thinking that this is some parody post, here is the proof. Mr. Goxx has his own Twitch channel too and you can watch him trade live there.

Back in June, Mr.Goxx started-off with a fund of $390. Mid-September his portfolio hit an all-time high of $580, reported Protos, a crypto-focused media outlet. Mr. Goxx’s return that time was a whopping 50%, far more than Bitcoin that had risen only 41%. Nasdaq, S&P 500 & Berkshire, on the other hand, offered far lower returns.

After recent dip in crypto market, value of his portfolio has shrunk a bit, but still better than the others, as can be seen in graph below.

Although, profits made thus far aren’t even enough to hide the expenses done for crypto-compatible office, Mr. Goxx’s performance at the day trading is quite exceptional. Protos reports that Mr. Goxx bought $23.79 worth of Dogecoin in July and sold it recently for $34.80 and made similar profits on Pantos & Chiliz cryptocurrencies.

While impressive, Mr.Goxx’s Twitter channel sends-out disclaimers with every tweet that information provided must not be treated as financial advice and used only for entertainment. Seriously, who takes financial advice from a running hamster?

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