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Inventor Builds Real World Magnus Effect Plane

Magnus Effect
Magnus Effect
Source : ibrary.scotch

You may have seen Magnus effect in action, but chances are, you have probably never had the explanation for it. It is actually a widely-seen phenomenon that occurs when a spinning item moves through a fluid. When item is spinning, route is deflected differently than when it’s not. Because of Magnus effect, soccer players can bend a soccer ball into a goal around a 5 persons wall or baseball pitchers can deliver a breaking ball pitch.

In this video, the inventor James Whomsley builds a remote-controlled Magnus effect plane with a cylindrical rotor driven by an electric motor. The intriguing thing about it is that resembling Magnus effect aircraft use a” strange” aerodynamic-effect to create lift. After realizing there’s a lack of knowledge available on a plane like this, he decided to learn how to do it himself & share it with the world. Check-out the video that is attached above to see how it all turned out. And as usual, have fun!

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