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Newly Built Homes By Single 3D Printer Were Constructed Earthquake Resilient

3D Printer for homes
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There is no doubt that we love 3D-printed homes, like these 7 listed presently. And we aren’t the only ones it seems, as last month, we brought you news of an entire street of 3D-printed homes in Texas.

Now, news surfaced of an entire neighborhood of 3D-printed homes in Nacajuca, Mexico. Even better houses were built for underprivileged families, according to Design Taxi.

The homes are beautiful to look at, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re extremely resilient & sturdy. Nacajuca was hit with a magnitude 7.4 earthquake, after houses were built and houses were left standing without a scratch.

That is one of the many advantages of 3D-printing.

In order to build these houses a reality three firms had to unite: New Story, a San Francisco-based not for profit ” pioneering solutions to end global homelessness”; Échale, a social housing production company from Mexico & Icon, a Texas-based construction technologies company “dedicated to revolutionizing home-building and making dignified housing the standard for people through-out the world. “

The homes are one story high and each measure nearly 500 square feet. They each have 2 bedrooms, a kitchen & a bathroom.

Building them was no easy feat, however, despite the 3D-printer used being engineered for tough projects. The 3D-printer for homes, called Vulcan II, is designed to work under constraints that are common in rural locations, but journey has not been easy.

Power can be unpredictable & local rainfall often flooded access roads to the construction site.” This printer, designed to tackle housing-shortages for vulnerable populations, is the first of its kind,” wrote New Story in press release.

Francesco Piazzesi, Échale’s chief executive, said to New York Times that the futuristic printer used for these constructions looked-like something out of a RoboCop movie. But what truly matters is that it did a really great job of bringing steady & sturdy housing to where it’s needed most.

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