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Home » NASA Will Use Metaverse To Build VR Scenarios For Mars Missions

NASA Will Use Metaverse To Build VR Scenarios For Mars Missions

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Mars lakes and Rivers

NASA plans to join a league of major sector that will harness the potential of the metaverse. According to Gamerant, the space agency is looking for a virtual reality model to explore Mars.

Interest in colonizing Mars has grown in recent years. Not only is SpaceX growing more confident about sending humans to Mars, but NASA is also working to get astronauts to acclimatized to stay on Red Planet. Last year, we reported on how NASA wants people to stay in Martian habitats created on Earth to learn more about the impact of extended stays in extraterrestrial environments. this. Since nearly all simulations can’t be done in real life, the space agency is turning to the next best thing, the Metaverse.

Wanted XR developers to build Martian experiences

As reported by Gamerant, NASA created 5 Mars simulation categories, namely “set up camp”, “Scientific Research”, “Maintenance”, “Exploration” & “Mind Blow” for these environment. As the name implies, the last-one gives free rein to creativity and can be used to spring-up strangest or extremely imaginative situations.

 Entries must be made within 80 days and have a maximum of four prizes per category. Yes, this challenge is really open to everyone, and you can join as a company or as an individual. This is exactly why HeroX, a crowd sourcing platform, tweeted it.

Too much to do, too little time?

In case you’re wondering if there’s so much to do in so little time, you really don’t have to do it all from scratch. Using Unreal Engine 5, developers aim to work their experiences to-be-used in NASA’s Mars XR Operations Support System. This environment already exists a world with Martian terrain, realistic weather, day/night cycle, Martian gravity & other assets like space suits & rovers.

 So your unique experience can be built on top of that existing foundation, allowing you to focus on the experience and not worry about its details. Gamerant reports that over 150 teams from around the world have taken up the challenge. This could be your chance to get fame & contribute to the next phase in human space exploration, the colonization of Mars if you so wish.

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