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How A Self Healing Material Works

Self Healing Material
Self Healing Material
Source : youtube

No doubt we love YouTuber Steve Mould. In his wide variety of videos, he shares with us the most entertaining and educational science experiments and explanations and describes them in a way that is easy to understand and approach.

Now he’s back with a new clip where he explains how the self-healing material works. He starts by cutting the material in 2 and sticking it back-together.

It is clear that material has become one-again, uniting both-sides. He then compared this to Blu Tack because the material can also be cut and made whole-again.

However, there is one difference with Blu tack and that is that the material is sticky over-all. The self-healing material isn’t what makes its so-called merging abilities more extraordinary.

Mold explains how much information about how self-healing materials works is hidden behind trade secrets, but he has unearthed some very useful data for understanding the materials’ processes.

What is this information? What are the secrets of self-healing materials? Can they be replicated easily? What are they serve? This video answers all of these questions and more.

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