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Home » Blockchain Adoption Entity Says, There Is Migration Of Games From Web2 To Web3

Blockchain Adoption Entity Says, There Is Migration Of Games From Web2 To Web3

source : indianexpress

Tezos India, an organisation that promotes blockchain acceptance in India, has announced the launch of its latest project, the Tezos India Game Launchpad (TIGL).

With funds and technical support, this platform will let game developers release their games on its Tezos blockchain.

Web3 games should be the next big thing because they are presenting new economic and creative opportunities for gamers & game producers.

A $100 billion gaming market might be unlocked.

Tezos India is making room with this effort for a decentralised gaming future in which widespread involvement is anticipated in the future, according to Om Malviya, President of Tezos India.

This Tezos India effort consists of an incubation programme, a Web3 gaming handbook, a Web3 gaming course that were created by the founding team of the Tezos India company.

Ecosystem Growth Grants (EGG) in the value of $10,000 will be given to game developers, and they will also have the chance to join in TZ APAC’s EGG Incubation Program, which is run by the top Asia-based blockchain adoption organisation and which supports the Tezos ecosystem.

52 percent of the blockchain industry is currently made up of game decentralised applications (dApps), according to a data by Dappradar. Additionally, it claims that since 2021, approximately $10 billion has been invested by VCs and private investors into blockchain-based game companies.

According to a KPMG report, the Indian market for online gaming is projected to reach to 657 million by 2025 as a result of the high utilization of smart phones and cheaper data rates.

There is a migration of games from Web2 to Web3, according to Amanjot Malhotra, head of growth at Tezos India.

This is because industry leaders have recognized that blockchain technology is where gaming will go in the future.

On the TIGL website, interested game developers could submit and include information about the project and roadmap.

The game developers will be able to work together globally thanks to TIGL’s international partners like Tezotopia, IndiGG, and others.

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