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YouTuber Explains How Time Travel Is Actually Possible

The Action Lab, a YouTuber, is always bringing us fun and exciting science experiments that he uses to teach us about complex scientific principles. You may remember this episode, in which he made a laser microscope out of a drop of water, or this one, in which he made a black mirror.

In this episode of his show, he demonstrates a real-life quantum delayed choice experiment to demonstrate how time travel is possible in quantum mechanics.

To accomplish this, he employs a simple green laser and a beam splitter, which allows 50% of photons to pass through while the remaining 50% are diverted.

He also place 2 mirrors on each side to reflect the photons’ path. You might be wondering what all of this has to do with time travel?

The YouTuber continues his experiment, demonstrating how the intricate setup he has built relates to time travel. How does he accomplish this? What scientific findings did he obtain from his experiment? Where else can the deduced principles be applied? Could this make time travel a possibility for everyone? This video provides answers to all of these questions and more.

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