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EPNS Became PUSH Protocol. Along With Multichain And Many Other Major Changes

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EPNS became PUSH
PUSH Protocol
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Project Ethereum Push Notification Services (EPNS), the only notification facility of its kind in the crypto space, announced a major change yesterday, 27 September, and renamed its project the PUSH protocol .

Along with the name, the project’s logo (official symbol) and website are also seeing changes. The announcement of this change was given by PUSH Protocol on its official Twitter account and explained the other changes in detail.

Giving information on this topic, the project has said that now the PUSH protocol will provide its facilities not only on the Ethereum network but also on other layer-1 and layer-2. This is a huge change made by the PUSH protocol. After this change, the market for PUSH protocol will become even bigger. Working only on the Ethereum blockchain, the PUSH protocol was limited to a very small scope which has now been broken by the PUSH protocol. Now this project will be successful in connecting a much larger crypto community with itself.

The PUSH protocol started its mainnet in January 2022. Since then till date this protocol has added

* 17 million notifications
* 100 channels
* 60k subscribers

After showing its success in Web3, now the PUSH protocol is going to go beyond this and do something bigger. Now the PUSH protocol is going to introduce features such as communication, video, streaming, commercials, chatting, going beyond the notification.

What will be the impact on projects already availing the facility?

Often when a crypto or blockchain project makes any changes in its project, its users also have to upgrade themselves, due to which many problems have to be faced. Due to the change made in the PUSH protocol, there will be no effect on the users of the EPNS protocol already and they do not need any changes. All these projects and channels will continue to get all the facilities as before, under the new brand.

What will happen to the $PUSH token?

Will there be any change in the token PUSH of the PUSH protocol along with this change? The answer is no. The PUSH token will continue to be the native token of the PUSH protocol as before and no changes have been made to it. It is important to note one thing here that now the utility of PUSH token will increase even more. As the PUSH protocol moves its project to other blockchains and starts providing features such as messaging, video, streaming, the price of the PUSH token can change significantly. The token’s price jumped 7% just after this announcement yesterday. The holders of the token will have a greater responsibility in the form of governance. The price of $PUSH was running at $0.2936 at the time of writing this article.

The team at PUSH Protocol has thanked the collaborators, builders, community members, consumers, collaborators and those who have supported the project during this period, who have been associated with them from the year 2020 till date.

The PUSH protocol has evolved a lot over the past year. If we go to their Twitter account and see, since last year till now hundreds of projects have been given notification facility. The PUSH protocol is one of the few projects in the world of WEB3 and crypto, whose functionality and image are completely clean and their work is commendable. We must believe that in the future also PUSH protocol will work to bring WEB3 to the world in a better way.

 All information can be found on the PUSH protocol website, .

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