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The First Version Of Tesla’s Optimus Humanoid Robot Has Not Gone Well With Some Critics

optimus humanoid
Optimus unveiled

Some people were not happy with Tesla’s Optimus humanoid robot’s first attempt at a slow walk on the company’s AI Day in 2022, but most people are in favour of the “feat.”

The purpose of AI Day is to demonstrate Tesla’s enormous depth and breadth in AI, computer hardware, and robotics. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, tweeted on Saturday about the company’s AI Day 2022 celebrations.

The event has elicited a mixed reaction from social & news media.

Optimus humanoid robot dancing during the event.

According to the American daily The Boston Globe, on Saturday, Optimus uncomfortably walked onto a stage, turned, and waved to the cheering audience.

The report stated that CEO Elon Musk’s concept of a human-like robot that can alter the world was quite different from the basic tasks carried out by the robot with exposed wires & electronics, as well as a later, next-generation version that had to be carried onstage by 3 men.

Critics vs. supporters

Optimus robot evolution

Tesla’s well-known critics used harsh words on Twitter, which were widely reported by a variety of media platforms.

“The cringiest day ever for Tesla AI. Complete and total swindle. Who on earth still believes this garbage anymore?” Researcher Filip Piekniewski, who focuses on computer vision and AI, tweeted on Saturday about occasion as it was happening.

However, supporters did not remain silent and responded to critics.

“Tesla Bot really is fantastic. It’s the beginning of a revolution in how AI and robotics fit into human civilization. The Tesla crew has accomplished some truly amazing things over the past few months.” A researcher at MIT, Lex Fredman, posted on Twitter.

I am so inspired beyond words as someone who adores robotics & AI.

Another Twitter user made the following reference to the Tesla humanoid robot: “In months, they managed to construct a working humanoid robot. They are also using the FSD training model, which is undoubtedly years ahead of the competition.”

“This is objectively a remarkable accomplishment.”

Future Tesla models will have a full self-drive (FSD) mode that will help the autopilot system become even more autonomous.

Tesla AI Day 2022: Optimus Unit 1

Musk introduced the event by stating that its main goal was to include the public in Tesla projects, especially the Optimus Tesla Bot.

The AI Day 2022 examined the procedures needed to mimic humans, drivers, & workers. Engineers described the self-driving car & robot.

The Optimus robot and the Tesla autopilot system, which are both powered by autonomous systems and are intended to revolutionrise society with autonomous robots and autonomous automobiles, were the main focus of the event.

At the event, which was held at the Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto, California, Musk stated, “Our goal is to develop an usable humanoid robot as rapidly as possible.” To perfect Optimus & prove it, there is still much work to be done.

Musk imagines a robot that is ready for mass production. To that end, the body of Optimus Unit 1 had several meticulously planned manufacturing steps. The Optimus Tesla bot’s joints were made up of 27 actuators, while Optimus Unit 1 has six, all with similar abilities & parts. Standard parts and systems could be mass-produced throughout Optimus Unit 1.

The Optimus might cost less than $20,000, making it more affordable than any other humanoid robot on the market, according to its inventors. It is almost 75% less expensive than the closest rival.