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Users Will Be Able to Buy and Sell NFTs Through Tweets on Twitter

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Twitter, a social media network, today declared a cooperation with four marketplaces to enable users to immediately purchase, sell, and display NFTs through tweets.

The integration, known as NFT Tweet Tiles, places an NFT’s artwork in its own panel within a tweet and adds a button that directs users to a listing on a marketplace.

The integration, which is still in testing, presently functions with markets from 4 distinct partners: solana centric marketplace Magic Eden, a platform-agnostic NFT marketplace protocol, Rarible, Dapper Labs developer of the Flow blockchain, and sports centric platform

These marketplaces collectively span numerous blockchain networks, including Tezos, Immutable X, Solana, Flow, Polygon, & Ethereum.

The feature is blockchain-agnostic, thus all networks are supported as long as the links are from a marketplace partner, a Twitter spokesman confirmed.

Thanks @elonmusk for making this happen šŸ’œ

Now drop a @MagicEden URL in your tweet, and watch the magic unfold #TweetTile @Twitter

ā€” Magic Eden šŸŖ„ (@MagicEden) October 27, 2022

According to the representative, the “feature is presently being tested with select Twitter users across iOS and the web,” and if they are part of the test population, they will see the NFT Tweet Tile integration. It is not necessary to have a Twitter Blue premium subscription to use the function.

Twitter only presently supports Ethereum NFTs, but it previously enabled NFTs as verified profile images through its Twitter Blue membership service in January.