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Will Bitcoin Price Go To $14000 Or Above $24000?

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There was no major movement in the crypto market for the last almost two months. The price of bitcoin was hovering between $19000 to $20500. Meanwhile some alts have given good profits but big cryptos like bitcoin and ether were not seeing much movement. But in the last 24 hours bitcoin broke the level of $18000 and came down. It was expected that the price would come down further but from here the price took a sharp recovery and touched the price of about $ 20000 again. Here it is important to know a little about what investors and traders are thinking now.

Since the price has remained in one place for a long time, even big investors are still confused whether to invest now or wait a little longer. Some of the crypto traders say that as long as the price of bitcoin does not fall below $18500, there is nothing to worry and the chances of the price of bitcoin going up from here are very strong. Traders who are bullish on bitcoin price are seeing it above $25000 this month. The price of bitcoin is currently close to $19650 (14 October 2022 at 1 PM Indian time).

Here some crypto traders also say that bitcoin will touch its bottom in the last week of this month which will be around $14000 and after that the market will start going up. It may happen that once the price of bitcoin goes from $21000 to $22000 to confuse traders and investors, but soon it will come down and touch its bottom which is near $14000. After this the price will correct and by the end of this year bitcoin will go to $30000.

It is said that technical charts never lie. Even if we accept this fact, then everyone’s chart and technical indicators are different, that’s why some are bullish and some are down. It is not correct to mix the old chart with the new one and say that if it happened earlier then it will be the same now. The crypto market has changed a lot in the last four to five years. People have more knowledge of crypto than ever before. There are more investment options in the crypto market than ever before.

Looking at the chart of bitcoin, the weekly chart is showing a huge drop. Can go further below $ 14000, bitcoin is showing a support near 17500, but if the price does not stop here, then there will definitely be a big drop in the price. After this the price will gradually improve and the price is likely to remain between $25000 to 30,000 in the next two months. Yesterday’s drop confused people, as soon as it went below $18000, bitcoin went back above $19500, contrary to what those were expecting the price to go down further.

This is about Crypto News Hindi by crypto trade expert Kapil Agarwal Would like to know from him his thoughts. Kapil ji says that I am very confident and bullish about bitcoin. We look at the market with a long-term outlook and see bitcoin as a strong position. Minor downturns have been and will continue to happen in bitcoin. Now is the right time to invest in bitcoin, from here the potential for the price to go up is very high and we are seeing it in the range of $30,000 to $35,000 in the next few days. During this time there will be minor ups and downs but the bitcoin market will remain strong. The next two months of this year are very important and we are bullish on bitcoin. Sharing a tweet about this today, Kapil ji wrote, “I hope you all are enjoying the greenery of the market. The boom is yet to come. We will also see 24500$-24800$ after the price breaks the 20500$. Enjoy the journey.

The price of Ether was expected to see an uptrend after the merge but this did not happen. Ether is currently trading near $1275. If there is a fall in the price of Ether, it can come down to $800 to $900. After this the ether will start going up in a very strong way. Yesterday the price of Ether also dropped below $1180 which is now above $1300.

If you are thinking of investing in crypto for the long term, then this is the time to invest 50% now. From here, further investments can be made when the market goes down. When the price goes up, trade in a balanced way and do not invest too much by getting excited because the market only benefits the investor. At this time, watch the market trend very carefully and only by taking the right decision at the right time, you can increase your investment.