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7 Secret Keys Control The Internet

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14 People Guard 7 Secret Keys That Control Internet

Is it possible to hack the Internet? It’s such an enormous network, made from billions of computers and dozens of connection nodes distributed everywhere the planet, that it seems impossible for anyone to hack it completely. But there’s a way: hacking into ICANN DNS database. That’s why the 7 secret keys that control the web are guarded by 14 people.What do they do?

“This seems like something out of a Dan Brown Book, but it isn’t: the entire Internet is controlled by seven actual, Physical Keys. There are many key elements for the web to figure but the foremost important is possibly the addressing system or DNS. All Internet content, from sites to services like Netflix or Gmail is stored in many computers, with a singular identification: its IP address, which is nothing quite a string of numbers. Memorizing these numbers for every website is impossible, so once we access computers that contain a particular page or service, we use a URL, which is simpler to recollect than variety .

The service that converts URLs into numbers (the IP address) in order that the browser knows which PC the online is on is named DNS, and is managed by an organisation called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

ICANN keeps the DNS database, that is, the list of IP addresses that link all sites and Internet Services to the computers where they’re stored.

If cyber criminals got hold of that list, they might literally control the web. By changing the DNS, they might make webs and complete services disappear, or redirect pages from banks or payment services to their computers, so as to steal data. That’s why the safety measures of ICANN DNS database are extreme.

Source : Blog.equinix

According to TICbeat, so as to reduce risks, the key that permits access to the DNS is split into 7 Secret keys, which are guarded by 7 people that sleep in different places and countries and don’t know one another. Each of those people features a substitute, just in case something happens to them and that they can’t lookout of their 7 Secret Keys. So in total there are 14 people that control the 7 Secret keys of the web.

In addition there’s a curious ritual associated. Four times a year, these 14 people get together to vary the 7 Secret keys. This operation is administered in two different locations, just in case a natural disaster prevents the meeting from happening in one among those two cities.

The security to access this meeting requires to beat several security doors through codes and fingerprint readers, until arriving at an area that prevent Electronic Communications with the surface. The whole process is examined and recorded for the record.

It seems that the 7 Secret keys that control the web are well guarded. But with hackers, you never know…

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