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Dark Energy Still A Weird Mystery

Dark Energy, A Mysterious Phenonmenon That Expand Universe Unexpectedly

Dark Energy Matter
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Dark energy is a mysterious phenomenon that acts with to Gravity and is liable for accelerating the expansion of the Universe. Though Dark Energy constitutes three-fourths of the mass energy of the Cosmos, its underlying nature continues to Elude Physicists.

Dark energy has no real connections to substance, beyond sharing the word dark, which just means scientists don’t really know what this stuff are.

Who discovered This Energy?

Universe Dark Energy
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The realization that the universe is expanding are often traced back to the American Astronomer Hubble, who noticed, in 1929, that the farther a Galaxy is from the World, the faster it’s moving far away from us, consistent with the Hubble Space Telescope website. This doesn’t mean that our planet is the center of the universe, but rather that everything in Space is moving far away from everything else at a continuing rate.

Nearly 60 years after Hubble’s revelation, scientists made another startling discovery. Researchers had long been trying to exactly measure cosmic distances by watching the sunshine of far away stars. Within the late 1990s, after examining distant supernovas, two independent teams found that the Stellar Explosions Light is dimmer than expected. This means that the universe isn’t only expanding, but also accelerating in its expansion.

That finding has given physicists cause to scratch their heads ever since then, also earning its discoverers the Nobel prize in Physics in 2011.

What does Dark Energy do?

Dark Matter Expand Universe
Dark Matter Expand Universe
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Though researchers don’t entirely understand energy, they need used their knowledge of the phenomenon to construct models of the universe that specify everything from the large Bang to the modern-day large-scale structure of galaxies. A number of these models predict that energy will pull apart everything alive billions of years from now.

The leading explanation of dark energy suggests that it’s a kind of pent-up energy inherent within the fabric of spacetime. “This simple model works alright practically, and it’s a simple addition to the Cosmological Model without having to modify the Law Of Gravity,” Baojiu Li, a mathematical physicist at Durham University within the UK, previously told Live Science. But the thought comes with one major problem: Physicists predict that the worth of the vacuum energy should be 120 orders of magnitude above what cosmologists observe in measurements, Li said.

An alternative idea posits that dark energy is a further fundamental force, joining the four already known (gravity, electromagnetism, and therefore the strong and weak nuclear forces). But this speculation doesn’t explain why humans don’t notice this extra force in our day-to-day lives. So, theorists have also built creative models suggesting that this mysterious force is hidden in how .

The measured value of dark energy is currently the topic of an intense debate between rival factions in physics. Some researchers have measured energy power using the Cosmic Microwave Background, a dim echo of the large Bang, and produced one estimate.

But other astronomers, who measure Dark Energy strength using the sunshine of distant cosmic objects, have produced a special value, and no-one has yet been ready to explain the inconsistency. Some experts have suggested that Dark Energy power varies over time, though proponents of that idea have yet to convince a majority of their observe of this explanation.