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Devil Bible Darkest Secrets Explained

Author Of Devil Bible Sold His Soul To write It In A Single Night

Devil Bible Codex Gigas
Devil Bible
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It is a Mysterious Book, in that days some people believed that it contains all human knowledge. But why medieval people believed that the author sold his soul to the Devil to be able to write it? The “Devil Bible” a beast volume weighing 165 pounds believed that this book written by single monk in 13th century.

Devil Bible is an encyclopedia of medieval knowledge. But this book has also been haunted by dark theories, including the author writing was guided by devil.

This book got its name “Devil Bible” from the sketch or picture of the devil on page 290. It is believed to be the only bible of its era that represents Satan.

According to the TV show, Devil Bible was written by a monk in a single night.

Compact with the Devil

The story behind the making of Codex Gigas (the manuscript contains a complete Bible, historical texts, magic formulas and spells) that it was the work of one monk, sometimes named as Herman the Recluse, who was sentenced to imprisonment until his death for breaking his monastic vows. As a last breath for survival he made a deal that he would create a book with world knowledge in return for his life. His proposal was accepted but his freedom from death only be granted if the monk managed to complete the prodigious manuscript in one night.

Task given to monk is impossible to complete in one night so he took the help of devil. After selling his soul to devil, the scribe (professional copyright) was able to complete the order and gain his freedom.

 The legend claims that this formal agreement with the devil can explain why Prince of Darkness is represent in such a prominent way in the codex. However, this legend is not known where this started and it is suspected that it was religiously propagated.

With the help of devil, the monk able to wrote the book in a single night. The first half of the tome comprises the entire Latin Vulgate Bible. The remainder is a bizarre mixture of Ancient medical treatises, encyclopedias, chronicles & magical formulae. The colossal Codex even contains a portrait of Lucifer, purportedly drawn by the fallen angel himself.

Smaller texts are also included in the manuscript with the most famous ones including writings on exorcism, magic formulas, and a calendar with a list of saints & Bohemian people of interest and the days on which they were honored.

As an illuminated manuscript, there found decoration throughout the Codex Gigas. Many of drawings are impressive but most famous pages are ‘full page drawings of the devil and the Heavenly City which are facing each other.

Full page representation of heavenly city across devil show in tiers of buildings and towers behind red walls. This image probably meant to inspire the ideas of hope, salvation and contrast with the evil nature of the devil.

Orignal Copy of Devil Bible (Codex Gigas)
Orignal Copy of Devil Bible (Codex Gigas)
Source : globaltimes

It is more properly known as Codex Gigas, or Giant Book“.

A television show combined the story and the history of this giant book with modern forensic science to know about the Devil Bible. The manuscript was definitely produced by one person, according to analysis of the ink and handwriting.

Devil Bible facts:

1. The 310 parchment leaves (620 pages) of the Devil Bible are made of vellum, from the processed skins of 160 animals, most probably donkeys. Some pages of Devil Bible are thought to have been removed, and no one know what happened to them.

2. The entire Devil Bible is written in Latin.

3. Including its wooden case, it is ornamented with metal so that Devil Bible is so heavy (about 165 pounds) that it requires at least two adults to carry it.

4. The portrait of the devil faces ,a picture of the “City of Heaven” the other images are in the Devil Bible. Some scholars believe that the picture of Heaven negates the portrait of the devil. Others have noted that no people can be seen in the City of Heaven.

5. Also the Devil Bible is the “encyclopedia” by St. Isidore, is regarded as the patron saint of the Internet. Isidore’s Etymologiae attempt to record all Universal Knowledge of his time, the 7th Century.

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