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Earth Flag May Give Clues To Aliens

International Flag Of Planet Earth Which Represents Us In Space

Current exploration in outer space use different national flags depending on which country is funding the exploration. The space travelers are more than just representatives of their own countries. They are representatives of Planet Earth.

Purpose Of The Flag

1. Used for representing Planet Earth.

2. To remind the people of Earth that we share this planet, no matter of national boundaries. That we care of each other and the planet we live on.


As shown in above image. This proposal is accurate according to the regulations regarding flags.

This flag is designed by Swedish University student Oskar Pernefeldt of Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm.

 To design this flag two study are used:

  • Vexillology – This is scientific study of Flags including its history, colors, and symbolism.
  • Vexillography – Practice of designing Flags.


Centered in the flag, seven rings from a flower. This represents life on Earth. The rings are linked to each other, which represents how everything on our planet, directly or indirectly, are linked. The blues field represents water which is essential for our life, also as the oceans water covers most of our planet surface area. The flower in outer rings from a circle which could seen as a symbol of Earth as a planet and the blue surface could represents the universe.

A video On International Flag Of Planet Earth

There are so many facts which don’t hear about before. I will try my best to introduce you with in my future posts…..

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