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Face Mask Which Can Kills Coronavirus

Standard Coronavirus Face Mask Is Getting An Upgrade

Electric Face Mask
Electric Face Mask
Source : straitstimes

Israeli researchers developed a prototype of Electric Face Mask which can clean itself by using electricity provided by a phone charger.

This Electric Face mask was developed at Technion Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, an internal carbon fibre layer is used to destroy virus such as coronavirus which may gather on it.

This carbon fibre layer heated by using an electrical current which can be provided by a common smartphone charger.

Researchers have filed a permit application for the device in the United States and having an aim to make it commercially available in the market for the price of around $1.

A spokesman from the university did not respond when he was asked if the mask will be made available in the UK and Europe in the future.

Standard disposable face masks are designed to be used once and then thrown away when they are damaged and shabby.

Developing new types of reusable electric face masks could help to reduce the environmental effect of sudden rise in the use of disposable masks during the deadly widespread virus.

Gary Stokes, the director of Ocean Conservation Group Oceans Asia, warned that abandoned masks will create a substantial amount of ocean pollution.

Narrow Slit in Face Mask
Narrow Slit in Face Mask 
Source : economictimes

The development of self cleaning mask comes after another Israeli inventor disclose a prototype of electric face mask which includes a remote controlled mouth.

Avtipus Patents and Inventions designed a mask which can open and close to allow people to eat in restaurants without removing their mask by including a narrow slit.

Asaf Gitelis, one of the creators of the new mask said that people will be able to use a lever to open the slit of mask in order to consume food or drink.

Government guidance motivate people to wear mask or face coverings in confined spaces where it is not possible to carry out social distancing.

“This is most relevant for indoor in crowded areas, for example, on public transport or in some shops” the Government has said.

Originally posted on June 18, 2020 @ 1:21 AM

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