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First 4G Network Build On Moon By The Collaboration Of NASA And NOKIA

Source : 7news

NASA plans-to-return to the Moon involve not just safely landing humans on the surface, but fixing place infrastructure to support a long-term lunar-base. As a part of this vision, agency has selected Nokia to assist it to build the natural satellite first cellular network, which is predicted to be unrolled in late 2022.

The collaboration is a component of NASA’s Tipping Point program, through which the agency hopes to accelerate the progress of space-based technologies through investments with private firms. It awarded Nokia US$14.1 million to decide and to deploy first LTE/4G communications system in space, which can be a key for NASA’s Artemis program and hopes of building a sustainable presence on the Moon.

Nokia’s research arm Bell Labs is teaming up with private space company Intuitive Machines for their determined attempt and can pack its end-to-end LTE solution into the firm’s lunar lander. This may include a LTE base station, user equipment and RF antennas, all designed to endure physical demands of launching, landing & operating in space.

Once in place , network will offer communications support for data transmission, control of lunar rovers, real-time navigation & streaming of high-definition video. It’ll even provide astronauts with greater voice and video communications capabilities, telemetry & biometric data transmission and control over robotic payloads.

“Reliable, flexible and high capacity communications networks will be a key to support sustainable human presence on lunar surface,” says Marcus Weldon, Chief Technology Officer at Nokia. “By building the first extreme high performance wireless network solution on Moon, Nokia Bell Labs once again planting the flag for pioneering innovation beyond predictable limits.”