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Ghost Lights Mystery In West Bengal

Atomspheric Ghost Light Seen By Travelers In The Dark

Ghost Light Mystery
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If you’ve got an appetite for Paranormal Activities, Aleya Ghost Lights in West Bengal is certainly getting to grab your attention!

Call it a myth, a legend, hallucination, or a make-believe story but the very fact remains that the phenomenon of Will-o’-the-wisp has both mystify and recall people all round the world for hundreds of years, both the lads(group of men sharing recreational working) of science and men of faith. It’s an atmospheric ghost light seen by travelers in the dark over bogs, swamps or marshes.

In past , it had been always considered Supernatural until recently when scientists were ready to give a particular explanation of what causes these lights. It is said to resemble a flickering lamp, a light-weight which will go back if approached. As per the legends, it draws or attract travelers from their safe paths into dangerous territories.

There are several places where these mysterious lights are reported to possess been seen. In India, the foremost famous is that the legend of Aleya, the ghost lights of Sunderban or just called as Bengal Swamps.

Ghost Lights That Drowns People!

Mysterious Place In India
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Aleya ghost lights in West Bengal isn’t a unique phenomenon. These ghost lights are spotted in many parts of the planet and are known by different names like will-o’-the-wisp or jack-o’-lantern.

Sunderban may be a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a largest single block of tidal halophytic (salt tolerant plant) Mangrove Forest within the world, 60% of which is found in Bangladesh and 40% in India.

The Sunderban park in India portion of Sunderban is one among the most important reserves for the Bengal tiger. This region is densely covered by mangrove forests and within it are several swamps and marshes. it’s indeed a really beautiful forest and out of the several things that attract tourism here, Aleya is certainly the mysterious one. It’s a reputation given to the shimmering colorful lights that several villagers and fishermen report back to have seen.

 As per the villagers, these lights come from the stranded spirits of dead fishermen who lost their lives accidentally in these areas. Those that have tried to approach these ghost lights or “Aleya have either lost their lives or their senses.

In European folklore, these lights are held to be either mischievous spirits of the dead, or other supernatural beings or spirits like fairies, attempting to steer travelers astray.

Scandinavians believed that will-o’-the-wisp marks the situation of a buried treasure. As per Welsh legend, this light may be a fairy fire, held within the hand of puca, a little goblin like fairy. Puca will hold the sunshine in its hand and out of mischief, will lead the travelers off track at nights. Once they would meet up with to the sunshine, the hearth will extinguish and can leave them lost in middle of nowhere.

 The fishermen community of the world have often spotted this ball of flickering light and when approached, these lights are believed to drown people!

Fisherman Ghost Light
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The fishermen who follow the lights either gets drowned or gets paralyzed. Many bodies have washed ashore on these swamps that locals attribute to Aleya lights. In Sunderban however, both scientists and locals have different theories about what causes these light to flicker over the swamp within the dark.

Scientists hypothesis

Italian Scientist Alessandro Volta who also discovered the Methane Gas first tried explaining these strange lights as a results of ionization of methane found in swamps and bogs caused, thanks to phenomenon like atmospheric lightning. This is often why he said the flickering light had numerous colors in it and it had been always found in swamps. His explanation, if not accurate, was very close.

 Lately it had been found that several gases like phosphine, diphosphane and methane are produced out of decaying matter. These gases upon coming in touch with Oxygen oxidize. The reason for flickering light lies within the concept of ionization when molecules of those gases start to emit packets of lights referred to as photons. Why these lights have many colors is because different gases emit photons of various wavelengths.

Locals hypothesis

Fisherman Ghost LIght
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Local legends associated with Aleya are much more interesting. Some people believe that these are souls of dead fishermen who lost lives within the swamps. Some of these souls appear with an intention of killing another fisherman by leading him off his path within the swamp while others appear to point him within the right direction.

There is also another even more interesting and unusual story of a Mother Tigress, her cub and Aleya, the prince who killed the Tigress. It is said that an extended time ago, there lived a king Srutanjaya who ruled everywhere the leadership of Bengal. He was a strong king whose rule spread everywhere the northern and western India and stretched all the way till Burma.

Srutanjaya had a son by the name of Alyanjaya, fondly called as Aleya. He was the sole son of Srutanjaya and heir to a huge Kingdom. He was taught all that he needed to be an honest and powerful king by his father.

When his son hit puberty, Srutanjaya took him to the foremost popular game of these times, hunting. It is said that so as to be called a person and prove his worth as a king, every prince was required to kill a Royal Bengal Tiger which were in plenty in those days. Both father and son went hunting in Sunderban which was also the royal hunting ground.

 For a whole day, they looked for a tiger endlessly but found none. Towards the top of the day, just once they were close to hand over their search, Aleya noticed a mother Tigress together with her small cub by the river. She appeared to be teaching her cub the way to drink water off the river carefully, without risking getting into the water. She was completely lost in her cub, unaware of the King hunting party which began to surround her.

 By the time she realized what was happening, it had been too late. there have been soldiers all round her and she or he had no where to run. After the Tigress was trapped, Aleya approached her with a bow and an arrow for his first kill and claim of a person.

Aleya tigress with cub
Tiger mother carrying her cub in mouth

Mother Tigress knew that there was nothing she could do to save lots of herself but she was more worried for her cub and as a final attempt, she picked up the cub together with her mouth and tried to leap over the surrounding soldiers.

This however didn’t save her as Aleya had already shot the arrow which stabbed throughout her heart but even in her death, she succeeded in breaking the circle of surrounding soldiers which gave the cub an opportunity to run its life. nobody even tried to chase it because the mission was already accomplished.

Aleya had killed a tiger and was not a boy. The young cub however was lost within the Jungle without its mother. For days it roamed round the dense forest in hunger and thirst, barely surviving, trying to find its mother

The search finally ended at the precise same spot where the Tigress was teaching her cub to drink water, right before she was killed. The cub, out of thirst, approached the swamp so as to drink water but came a touch too far and drowned.  

A few months later, Aleya returned together with his father for an additional Tiger kill and that they reached the precise same spot where he had killed his first one, hoping they might find another one beverage.  After a touch wait, Aleya noticed another Tigress with a cub at an equivalent spot. He tried to urge a better look and ignoring the warning of his father, stepped within the quicksand or swamp and drowned immediately.  After the young prince disappeared within the marsh, Srutanjaya, now a grieving father saw the tigress and therefore the cub become a shimmering light and vanish.

 As per the legend, ever since Aleya drowning, this light which are believed to be the souls of the mother Tigress and her cub has often misguided the hunters into the swamp and killed them, or during a way, protected the tigers from the hunters.

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