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High Tech Pen And Notebook Will Help You To Write Your Notes

High Tech Pen And Notebook
Source : edjelley

We don’t want to say that the transition to just about 100% digital functioning has caused us to forget the way to literally dot the i’s and cross the t’s, but we’ve to admit, our handwriting has gotten a bit sloppy. And although we’re wont to typing on keyboards and screens of all sizes, there’s something special about pulling-out the pen and paper. That’s why, once they unrolled the SyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen & Notebook set, users everywhere were happy to jot their thoughts the old-school way knowing they might be easily converted into the digital format we’ve all grown familiar with .

This pen and pad done it all: Together, they convert handwritten notes, doodles, and sketches into editable digital files, allow capturing 360° angles of notes, enable paperless writing, identify 66 languages, and synchronously record audio with a note. you merely write in notebook as you’d with any notebook. When you’re able to save or share your notes, you’ll send them out as a PDF, Word, or JPEG file.

The successful Kickstarter campaign behind the SyncPen makes it pretty clear lot-of-people are enjoying the advantage of handwritten notes and editable digital versions of them—best of both worlds.

This particular set takes things a step further and includes not just the SyncPen and compatible notebook but also an LCD message pad, 3 ballpoint refills, 3 Plastic refills, & test paper. Valued at $199.