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History Of Gate Of Death, The Nazis Auschwitz Concentration Camp

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You must have read about the history of Hitler, a fierce dictator of Germany. Hitler is claimed to have been a staunch enemy of the Jews.

During the World War II, about about million people lost their lives in the camps built in Poland by the Nazi forces of this dictator, with the highest number of Jews. The name of this torture camp is Auschwitz Camp.

There is a large iron gate outside the Auschwitz Camp, which is called Gate of Death.

It’s said that a large number of Jewish people were flocked in trains like flocks and taken-to torture camps by the same door and were then tortured in ways in which you can’t imagine.

The Auschwitz Camp was a such place and was built in such a way that it was impossible to escape from there.

It’s said that Jews, political opponents & homosexuals, were forced to work inside the camp. Apart from this, old & sick people were burnt alive-by putting them in the gas chamber inside the camp.

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Millions of people were killed-by putting them in these gas chambers.

There is a wall in the premises of the Auschwitz camp, which is called the wall of death.

It’s said that people were often shot while standing in the middle of the snow. The Nazis killed thousands of such people.

In 1947, Nazi concentration camp was converted into a government museum by a law passed by the Parliament of Poland.

It’s said that nearly about two tons of hair are kept inside the museum.

Actually, Nazis used to cut the hair of Jews & others before dying in order that clothes could be made from them.

Apart from this, lakhs of slippers & shoes of prisoners also are kept in the museum.

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