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Hum Sound A Unsolved Mystery

The Unsolved Mystery of The Taos Hum Sound 

Taos is a town in north central of New Mexico well known for strange Hum Sound. It has been home for some famous faces including Donald Rumsfeld, Julia Roberts, Aldous Huxley, D.H. Lawrence, and Dennis Hopper. Also, this small, quiet, talented community is a home for a Mysterious Hum.

Since the early 1990s, the people of Taos have complained about a low frequency buzzing noise constantly.

This is what they call, Taos Hum!

Hum sound frequency
Hum Frequency
Source : historicipswich

People find this sound similar to diesel engine idling in the distance, a unclear droning sound. It is a never ending sound which is audible while you are indoors or you are sleeping.

Till 1993, the hum became intolerable, and the locals of Taos shared their concern to Congress. After this, a public study begin to research about the mysterious low-frequency buzzing. During this research, various sound detection instruments placed in the town and the residents were asked questions about the hum.

According to a study, only 2% of the total population Taos could hear the low frequency buzzing sound. Some people replicate the mysterious hum but no such signals were ever detected.

 Only one unusual activity observed was elevated electromagnetic field levels, but that found to be the result of local power lines.

Taos Hum Audio Reproduction

The main thing that is strange about the Taos Hum is that they are no clear source of the sound. They are nor earthquakes, no nuclear explosions, and nothing. The vibrations triggered by the tragic events did nothing, and the Hum continues to be hear.

An audiologist said that she recorded the steady wave of 17 cycles per sec with the harmonic sound rising to 70 cycles per second near the Taos Hum. While human hearing shallow range is 20 to 30 cycles per second. Tom Moir and Fakhrul Alam, the professors of Massey University from New Zealand, have begun their research on the “Unidentified Acoustic Phenomenon”.

The humans should find out if there is a sub audible World Wide Humming because it can be dangerous.

Unusual Hums Around The World

Hum Sound Heard Worldwide Mapping
Hum Sound Heard Worldwide Mapping
Source : democratandchronicle

Taos is not a single place that could hear the strange and unusual humming sounds. Few places around the world witnessed mysterious sounds as well. Reportedly, the residents of Bristol, England was the first to hear the humming sound during the late 1970.

In 1980, the Environmental Health Officers of Bristol used noise monitoring instrument to identify sound and track down the source. According to some reports that blamed, automobile traffic and local factories for the sound, the strange sound are still audible.

For several years, the beach front neighborhood of Bondi in Sydney, Australia could listen to the strange humming sound. One of the residents shared this with Australia’s Daily Telegraph:
“It sends people around here crazy, all you can do is put music on to block it out. Some people leave fans on.”

Also, a few years ago hundreds of Kokomo residents people reported hearing the humming sound.

In 2003, the Municipal Government of Kokomo, Indiana researched to investigate the strange sound. Reportedly, the municipal government blamed the nearby industries for the sound. Although the government placed noise restrictions, still the mysterious sound is recognizable.

While Taos is not the only place to report such strange sound, what can be the possible cause for the hum?
Scientists believe various sounds surround us and most of them go unnoticed. You can only notice them when you start paying more attention. However, there can be many other reasons for the sounds you might hear mysteriously. Some researchers sensibly think that the hum is real.

However, there are no possible causes for the humming sound. Factories and Industrial equipment are the easy suspects for the hum, as we saw in Kokomo and Bristol.Other possible causes can be wireless communication devices, high pressure gas lines, and electrical power lines.

There is also a theory that low frequency electromagnetic radiation can be the reason behind the sound. The research also found the environmental factors like seismic activity like microseisms, a very quiet, low-frequency sound that can be produced by the ocean waves.
Interestingly, this sound is audible to some people.

Medical Causes

High Sound
Source : amusingplanet

Although experts carried out some experiments, some have offered medical explanations on this. According to some, buzzing noise can be a potential cause. People tend to feel something even when it is not real, the same is with the sound.

Medical Tests have shown some results that people who hear the buzzing sound have normal hearing. Also, some experts believe the people who can hear the hum might have a strong hearing than the normal ones. An individual with a strong hearing can pick up noises and sounds. There are also possibilities that the hum is just an auditory hallucination.
For example, some Taos Hum hearers have reported hearing the buzzing sound even after they moved out of the town.

Other Possible Reasons Behind The Hum

Some experts think conspiracy theories can be the reasons behind the hum. People think the mysterious sounds can be due to submarine communications or military experiments. Also, the (HAARP) High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program has been a popular target of conspiracy theorists.

Experts think this government agency, which conducts research on Earth ionosphere is doing an experiment that creates the hum. And at the end our very old mindset for all the unexplained and mysterious things, Aliens.

However, not all people who claim to hear such sounds are real. For example, a young Canadian University student near Edmonton, Alberta, posted a video on YouTube in January 2012.

In this video a student asking for help in explaining the mysterious sounds. This YouTube video got approx. 2 million views before it was exposed to be a prank.

In an interview, the Canadian University student confess that the video was for her family and friends. A video that can help her family and friends to understand that not all the content available online is real.

The Mystery Behind The Hum

unsolved Mystery
Source : wtop

It is still a mystery, unknown & unsolved!

After so many experiments and investigations, Taos Hum mysteries remained unsolved. Is the alien spaceship flying over the earth is the real cause of the Hum?

Leventhal told the BBC that it is a mystery for more than 40 years and it may remain a mystery for a longer time.

Like many things in the science that remain unexplained, it does not mean that it will also stay unexplained mysteries. The mystery may get solved very soon.

There are various potential causes of the strange noise, and for every reason, there can be different explanations.

Is the Taos Hum real or it is the imagination of human beings, will get solved soon by the further research.

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