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Area 51 Of India Along LAC At Kongka La Pass

Kongka La Pass : India (LAC) Own Area 51

UFO area 51
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Many of us have lack vision in life. People usually take breaks from their busy schedules and visit different famous locations to get some new aspects of life and also for refreshments. Leh Ladakh is the place where many Indians visit to get a new angel on life. Many of them visit there for stargazing, road trips, and trekking also. But you might not have any idea about such a place that there are conspiracies and stories on another Area 51 of India are going around these places. Let’s see what are these theories.

About Kongka La Pass

Kongka La Pass
Kongka La Pass
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There are many passes present in Leh Ladakh but I would be talking about a specific place, known as Kongka La Pass (Area 51). It is one of the high altitude passes located in Ladakh at the altitude of 5,171 m (16,965 ft). It is a part of the Himalaya range. It is situated at India China Border

This is the place where Indian Sino War was fought in 1962. During this War, many soldiers of both countries disappear mysteriously. Due to such incidents, The Indian Government and The Chinese Government decided not to deploy patrol parties in this area. So this is an untouched area by both Countries Governments ever since after that.

What Is So Mysterious About This Area?

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However, this place is famous for UFO sightings! Yes, in India also, we are having a place where UFO sightings are common. Next time you visit Leh Ladakh, try to look for UFOs too along with “new perspectives” on life.

These theories make Ladakh a perfect place to visit for mystery seekers. But it is not that easy. Kongka La Pass (India Area 51) experiences heavy snow fall during the winter, roads get blocked. That is why it is not easy to reach there and explore the area.

Some of the incidents related to Kongka La (India Area 51) . Locals keep reporting about UFO sightings around this area. According to them, UFO sightings are very normal here. Some of them believe that this area is having a secret and underground alien base from where UFO takes off and they have seen such things with their naked eyes. Many government officials and people working around this area have seen alien activities many times.

Hindu pilgrims on their way to Mount Kailash, reportedly seen objects flying in the air.

It was triangular that glows due to light discharged by a substance without ignition. When the pilgrims asked the guide about this incident they answered that such sightings are common in this area.

The local guide replied that this is a very usual thing in this area.

Geographically, it is a region where the Indian tectonic plates and Eurasian tectonic plates intersect strangely. One plate plunge directly under the other, making the depth of the earth crust thicker than that in other regions around the world almost double the thickness.

The geography of this region could be another reason why the extraterrestrial activities happened in this particular region.

Source : Indiatoday

In 2004, a small group of scientists or experts were performing some research in Lahaul Spiti region in Himachal Pradesh, where they saw a robot like body, 4 feet tall and walking on the hill top than disappeared suddenly when the group tried to get closer.

In 2012, some of the Indian Army soldiers saw a suspicious object flying over the Pangong Lake. To determine object, The Indian Army brought their radar and drone, closer to object. But object was not getting detected on the radar, while it was visible to the naked eye.

Mysteries and conspiracies are like blank slates. Only we can write or tell anyone what we see and tries to convert its nightmare into stories. Because we don’t have any proof, we can’t say anything for sure now. This place is not even in conspiracies like Area 51.

Kongka La Pass Google Earth Image Discovery:

Alien base area 51
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The Kongka La Pass UFO (India Area 51) incident didn’t gain so much attention until the Google Earth Imagery incident happened, which was enough to shook the world.

The Google Earth Map for Kongka La Pass (Area 51) revealed that the surrounding area of Kongka La Pass had buildings which looked like a military base. But, if we search now on Google Map, we won’t get any results.

But it is highly unexpected for Company like Google, even with all the other resources such technical glitch for such a long time.


Secret Of Area 51
Source : Youtube

The Universe is huge. There are 100 million stars in a Galaxy and a combination of 10 million galaxies makes a universe. It would be very immature of us to think that we are the only ones who can survive in this whole universe. There must be an extraterrestrial life existing somewhere in our universe. That’s all my realisation. The Indian Government and The Chinese Government, both are aware of this area. But they are hiding it for some reason. Sooner or later, the truth will be revealed eventually as it always does. Till then, keep reading my posts and do subscribe.

That’s it for now and let me know if you have any suggestions.

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