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Mysterious Disease Attacked US Diplomats In China

Attacked US Diplomats In China
Source : dainik-b

Suddenly there’s a anomalous sound & cracking apartment floors. Mark Lenji, who works for US State-Department in Guangzhou, China, and his wife wake-up from sleep into a hurry, but their eyes couldn’t open. There was also a dreadful headache. His children’s nose was bleeding also.

At first he thought that this was because of pollution in China, but after a couple of days he noticed that his memory was also not working. In China, such an accident didn’t occurred alone with Mark & his family, but since 2018, quite a dozen officers have fallen victim to the present mysterious disease.

Trump administration believes that their diplomats are falling victim to the present mysterious-disease in China, also as Cuba, Russia. It’s an intelligence diplomatic secret, which are the secret high-tech weapons and there is a possibility of foreign attack can’t be ruled out.

Trump administration believes that what happened in China is analogous to ‘Havana syndrome‘. In 2016–17, about 20 diplomats in Cuba’s capital Havana succumbed to an identical disease. These include CIA officers also. He also came to understand about severe headache, dizziness & amnesia . Why this happened to them hasn’t known till date. Their investigation remains ongoing. It’s believed that some radioactive or sonar waves were affected here.

In April 2018, US State Department spokeswoman in Guangzhou reported that an employee of hers also complained ofabnormal-voice and pressure. Then she struggled with a painful brain injury. A medical team was sent here. Some people were also remembered. They’re investigated. US had also issued a health-alert for its citizens in China last month.

US Embassy staff told to take care with an unusual voice or a vision. Many officials who visited Cuba as new diplomats also complained about this mysterious disease. Most diplomats said that the foremost pain is felt at night once they are at resident.

Expert said – Never heard of such pain before

Pennsylvania expert Duffles Smith said that they had neither seen nor heard of such pain before. He described it as one of the deadliest mysteries that Americans have seen after the cold war. Stanford University Professor David Railman said that what’s most disheartening during this entire case is that its investigation isn’t going public.