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New Guinness World Record Sets by 10 Year Old

Nadub Gill 10 Years Old Boy Sets New Guinness World Record

Nadub Gill sets New Guinness World
Nadub Gill
source : Guinnessworldrecords

A 10 year old from the UK has made a Guinness Book of World Records for solving 196 math problems within one minute. Nadub Gill, from the Longmoor Grade School, participated during a challenge under lockdown. However, the grade school student left everybody stunned after he started solving the issues in lighting speed on his laptop.

Nadub Gill
Nadub Gill 
source : Timesnownews

According to reports, Times Tables Rockstars, a web math learning app had collaborated with Guinness Book of World Records to seek out the very best scorer within the test. Because it clothed Gill, who took part within the competition voluntarily, managed to end at the highest by solving 96 problems under the set deadline. What was more shocking was the very fact that the Genius answered all questions correctly.

700 Applicants

The online competition which was launched in the middle of lockdown had around 700 applicants but Gill left everyone behind. Speaking about his feat to international media reporters, he asserted that it had been sort of a dream. He then said that he was glad and excited to realize the title. Later, Craig Glenday, who is that the Editor in Chief at Guinness World Records said that it had been truly mind blowing how the kids could blast through numerous conversations in such a brief time. He added that it had been a true test of mental and physical ability and it is a pleasure to welcome Nadub to the GWR(Genius World Record) family.

See How Nadub Gill Math Guinness Solve Problems In Above Video

At the same time, a boy from Malaysia made another creatively fascinating record. Mohammed Abelhameed Mohammed Muqbel from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia broke the record for building the tallest stack of eggs ever and getting it to remain for a minimum of five seconds. With ‘high concentration, patience & practice’ the 20 year old not only bagged the title but also left several internet users impressed. Within the caption, Guinness World Records wrote, ‘The most eggs stacked is 3 and was achieved by Mohammed Abelhameed Mohammed Muqbel.

Originally posted on July 3, 2020 @ 3:04 PM

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