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New Therapy Massager Will Fully Relax Your Muscles

Whether you’ve spent some time since March as a permanent idler or desperately trying to remain in shape, this year give you a chance to did variety on your body. Social distancing has taken fun-out of spa days, so we’ve to improvise. The Alyne Therapy Massager may be a good backup plan, if it isn’t a better alternative.

Here’s the deal: While you’re just hanging around on a very lazy Saturday morning or right before bed, you may be interested in relaxing muscle tissue & improving blood/lymph circulation just by spending 10 minutes with Alyne. And because 30 is the new 100, we all need a touch of TLC for our aches, stiffness & soreness. Nerve decompression, increased joint space & improved range of motion are always welcomed.

Whatever your level of relief is needed, this massager will make you all covered. It comes with three different kind of attachments for a custom treatment. Inspect the everyday attachment for well everyday use, the acupoint attachment for deep tissue relief or the dampener for once you just need a mild rub.

For more customization, the massager functions at three different impact modes & 3 different tilt angles. Due to its light weight manufacturing, small design & rechargeable battery, it is also incredibly easy to tote along wherever you’ll wish to take it.

While nothing beats the graceful sounds and subtle volatile oil-scent your favorite masseuse brings to their table, we expect you’ll create an equivalent aesthetic reception with a touch help from Alyne (maybe a number of those oils too – they’re more beneficial than you think).

Alyne Therapy Massager, which also includes the battery & charger sells for $299. on .