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Polygon Will Use Mastercard For National Geographic NFT

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Even if there is a big fall in the crypto market, whether it is a 70% to 90% drop in the prices of bitcoin or other cryptos, the use of the Polygon blockchain is increasing every day. After big brands like Disney, Instagram and Adidas, now Mastercard and National Geographic are also going to use this blockchain.

Looking to the future of Web3, Mastercard is launching an incubator for artists using the Polygon blockchain. “The objective of this project is to enable artists to understand, use and connect their art to the world using Web3,” said Raja Rajamannar, a Mastercard official . Until the artists understand the new technology, they will not be able to take full advantage of it. After understanding this properly, artists will be able to mint their art and music in NFT and will be able to take their art to the world through virtual world platform. Mastercard has already partnered with Coinbase to offer its facilities for crypto transactions. This innovation will give artists an opportunity to spread their art to more people in less time using Web3 with ease.”

Mastercard has a huge network across the globe and that is why this NFT project by Mastercard has all the potential to be successful. Till now Crypto, Blockchain, NFT and Decentralized Finance was limited to very few people but now its scope will be bigger.

National Geographic NFT One of TV’s most popular brands, National Geographic, is launching its inaugural NFT this month to celebrate its 135th anniversary. Through this NFT collection, National Geographic looks forward to 135 years of pushing the boundaries of storytelling, introducing new technology and our photographers to take their art to the next level for the next 135 years. National Geographic has used the Polygon blockchain for this NFT project because it is fast, easy and also the future of Web3.

16 photographers from National Geographic have been selected for this, who will present amazing and unique photos from around the world to the community through NFT. These 16 photographers will present their 118 NFTs, totaling to 1888, the birth year of National Geographic. This way of telling the story through NFT will be unique in itself. These NFTs can be taken through debit cards and credit cards in your Web3 Vault. These NFTs will be given through blind mint, that is, no one will know which NFT of which photographer he will get. For this one has to register on SNOWCRASH and complete KYC. After minting the NFT it will come in your vault which you can further sell after some time.

The Polygon blockchain is slowly making inroads. Today Project Polygon believes on the blockchain. The POLYGON team today has the same enthusiasm and passion as it did the day before. We hope that in 2023 the crypto community will see even more big and incredible projects and developments on the Polygon blockchain.