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Portable Sterilizing Robot Will Give You Germ Free Environment

Portable Robot
Source : mashable

Today’s health climate is like no other: Everyone wearing a mask, carrying disinfectant wipes, and washing their hands to the tune of “Happy Birthday.” Sterilizing your surroundings has become a necessity, so why not kick things up a notch? Here’s a hands-free portable solution which will have you ever feeling protected—the ROCKUBOT LITE: Smart Sterilizing Robot. This tiny guy promises to wash 99.99% of all bacteria and germs hiding out everywhere in your home, office, car, you name it. Those invisible microbes don’t stand an opportunity against this innovate robot.

But how does it work, you ask? Simple. The UV-C light & ultrasonic wave technology repels mites and other unsightly germs hiding deep in corners of your every-day life. All you would like to try to do is turn it on and set it free. The 24 smart sensors keep the ROCKUBOT LITE on task and within the boundaries of its operating area. This life-changing, sanitizing machine can go almost anywhere you would like disinfecting. For handheld sanitizing jobs, use manual mode and clean those small areas and objects like remotes and cellphones. Yup! It even cleans your trusty electronics. No job is just too big or too small for this bot; it can handle anything you put in its path.

Need more? That’s easy. once you aren’t using your bot for cleaning and sanitizing, use it to wirelessly charge your cellphone or let it double as a Bluetooth speaker (they don’t call it ROCKUBOT for nothing). This must-have gadget offers everything anyone must get through each day stress-free.

Think of all the cash you’ll save on sanitizing wipes and harsh chemical cleaners. It’s just about a no brainer . Chemical-free, non-invasive, and what’s more, it requires zero physical output on your part. Protect your family from dangerous bacteria but, most significantly , get something money simply can’t buy—peace of mind.