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Story Of A Mysterious Pool: Experts Could Not Find Its Depth

Even today, many such things remain a mystery round the world, which haven’t yet been revealed. it’s not that scientists don’t determine about it, but they didn’t get any result in right way. Today we are getting to tell you thru this text article about a mysterious pool of India, whose depth has not been ascertained or measured even by experts.

Actually, the name of this mysterious kund is Bhim Kund and it’s located in Bajna village, about 70 km from Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. As you’ll have come to understand from the name itself, the importance of this Kunda is related to the Mahabharata period.

One thing is prevalent about Bhima Kund that in Mahabharata period, when the Pandavas were on anonymity and wandering around, they got very thirsty. But even after wandering more, they didn’t get water anywhere. In such a situation, Bhima made this pool by hitting ground together with his mace and quenched his thirst. it’s said that this pool, 40-80 meters wide, is look like a mace in view .

Although it seems quite simple to ascertain this pool, but its specialty will surprise you. it’s said that whenever there’s a natural disaster (flood, storm, tsunami) occurring within the Asian continent, the water of the pool automatically rises.

Explain that the depth of this mysterious pool has been tried by the local administration, foreign scientists and therefore the Discovery Channel. But most are disappointed. Once foreign scientists had sent the camera up to 200 meters underwater to seek out the depth of the tank, but still the depth couldn’t be found.

It is also said about Bhima Kund that its water is as pure as that of the Ganges and it never spoils, whereas the normally stagnant water slowly starts to deteriorate.

What is the depth of Bhima Kund and whenever a deluge is coming, then why does its water start rising, of these things are still a topic of research for experts.