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The Effects of Dehydration on the Digestive System

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Effects of Dehydration

Water is essential to feel energized and for our organs to function properly. Learn about a few of the effects of dehydration on the digestive system.

A refreshing glass of water in the morning is just what you need to get your organs restored and ready for the day ahead. You may not think water has a considerable impact on your overall health, but it’s the most important drink of all!

Learn about the effects of dehydration on the digestive system and the importance of drinking water.


There are moments in the day when you feel miserable because you haven’t had a proper bowel movement. Did you know water is a key component for moving things along your digestive tract? The large intestine or colon will absorb any water it can find to pass stool. When there isn’t any water available due to dehydration, there will be zero or very few bowel movements.

Staying hydrated is essential to avoid the pain of constipation and keep your organs functioning properly.

Bloating and Nausea

You may think you feel hungry, but what if your body is actually saying you need water? Water helps take up space in the stomach. It’s important to drink water while you’re eating a meal to avoid overeating. When you drink enough, your stomach will feel full and the water will help move things along your digestive tract properly.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is another undesirable outcome of dehydration on the digestive system. Water provides minerals like calcium and magnesium. Without those essential minerals, acid can build up in the stomach and travel upward to the throat. You’ll experience a burning sensation in your chest called heartburn.

While water is not the definitive cure for acid reflux, it can balance the pH of the stomach and reduce symptoms by clearing acid from the esophagus.

When you experience dehydration, you’ll notice your entire body feels fatigued. That’s why it’s essential to incorporate water and foods rich in water into your diet. However, drinking unclean water can be worse than dehydration. That’s why it’s vital to use these testing methods to make sure your home water is safe and enjoy the benefits of pure H2O. Drinking fresh, clean water is the easiest way to improve your quality of life and help every organ in your body function properly.