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Unknown Men Of Secret Society

9 Unknown Men Of Ashoka Secret Society Who Guard 9 Books

Nine Unknown Men
Nine Unknown Men
Source : eden saga

What if you knew that your daily life is controlled by a mysterious society that draws each and every thread? Freemasons and the illuminati both controlling Secret Societies and many other whose existence has come in terms from west. With incredibly rich history, Indian also exists in this list of Secret Society of Unknown Men.

Mauryan Emperor Ashoka of India became so much popular after Kalinga War that claimed lives of over 100,000 men. Just after this war end Ashoka create a secret society called The Nine Unknown Men” in 273 BCE.

Some individual said that the most powerful secret society on the face of Earth is “The Nine Unknown Men“.

Why was the society formed?

When Samrat Ashoka, won Kalinga at the cost of 100,000 lives and the mass murder of both army people that was left behind,this view changed him as a person. Upon taking up Buddhism, and devoting his time into the search for intelligence and reasons Samrat Ashoka, realised the need to protect the huge knowledge and human civilization that ancient India had achieved by that time.

He believed that if this type of knowledge went to wrong hands the results would be disastrous so, he create a secret society of nine men, to whom he disclose the valuable knowledge in the fields of Propaganda, Physiology, Microbiology, Alchemy, Communication, Gravity. Cosmology, Light and Sociology.

Ashoka gives responsibility of preserving, developing and preventing extraordinary knowledge from getting into the hands of wrong or evil type of men to these 9 men, because this knowledge could destroy whole humanity.

During Ashoka rule, knowledge of past, present and natural science was promised to confidential. And for the next 2000 years, all the knowledge that was developed during Ashoka rule was hidden in the secret books.

Ashoka also give a task to those 9 men of frame up Indian culture and present it to the external world as a country of mystically aligned backward people so that the advanced scientific knowledge gathered over time can be safeguarded from people with malicious intentions.

There are other kind of the legend available. For example, one of the form states the reason why Emperor Ashoka created the secret society to safeguard advanced scientific data was to protect the Rama Empire.

Rama Empire, if all was to be compared to any ancient society then, the only rival is Atlantis. According to some Hindu Scriptures, around 15000 years ago, Rama Empire was destroyed by highly advanced weaponry.

The talking bronze head

Ancient Robot Unknown Tech
Source : flickr

Pope Sylvester II, the first French Pope is believed to have myterically visited India where he came in contact with the Nine Unknown. It is said that Pope Sylvester II had learnt extraordinary skills from the Indian secret society that included the technique of building a bronze head that answered questions in Yes or No.

Pope proposed the talking skull which worked on an automation more likely to be binary systems on modern machines. This ancient robot, along with many such extraordinary invention that he learnt from the Nine Unknown Men were destroyed with his death.

The cure for cholera and plague

Alexandre Emile Jean Yersin is known for saving the world from the outbreak of bubonic plague and cholera. However, the one of the poorly known stories is that Yersin went to Madras (India) where he met the descendants of the Nine Unknown Men.

Yersin learnt the technique of preparing the serum that could work as an antidote to cholera and serum from these descendants.

Apparently since Ashoka reign,the knowledge had been known to the secret society but the rule of silence forced them to keep it a secret until 1890 when the epidemic was to began.

The purity of Ganges

French barrister, colonial judge, author and lecturer, Louis Jacolliot noted that many of thousands pilgrims suffering from contagious diseases, immerse in the holy water Ganges without contaminating the water. This phenomenon was first pointed out by Jacolliot as technique of sterilizing by radiation developed by the Nine Unknown Men much before the technique was beared by modern science.

Jacolliot also claimed that this incredible characteristic of Ganga is not found in other rivers and is a result of a secret temple in the river bed that generates the radiation.

Gravitation,Aerodynamics, Space Travel in Ancient India

Unknown Ancient Vimaan
Source : mysteryofindia

Subjects discussed in the sixth book distributed to the Nine Unknown Men, called the Vaimānika Shāstra. Many theories were put forward that ancient India had airplanes, as mentioned in epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana, were capable of space travel.

In spite of many theories against such claims, the Sanskrit text found in Lhasa carrying instructions to build interstellar spaceships or the Vimana, resembling the illustration in ancient Indian scripts found in Afghanistan, indicate the preserved knowledge of Gravitation, aerodynamics, space travel by the Nine Unknown Men.

Incredible revelations in Palm leaves

Unknown Book on Palm leaves
Palm Leaves
Source : pinterest

It is believed that many valuable scientific information has been found written on the palm leaves – extracts of scientific disclosure by the Nine. It was said that some of these palm leaves have information on electromagnetic fields, heat, light, color, instructions on building machines for capturing solar energy and analyzing the components of the solar rays as well as instructions on communicating with extra terrestrials.

The information in many palm leaves found by Karnataka scholar, Subramaniam Iyer and the text is known as Amsu Bodhini.

Books on the secret society

The Morning of The Magician Book On unknown Men
The Morning of The Magician
Source : simonandschuster

The secret society was made popular by a Half Myth, Half Scientific inquiry by Talbot Mundy titled, “Nine Unknown Men” (1923). Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier claimed that the Nine Unknown Men were real in their book, “The Morning of the Magicians” (1960) where the story of Pope Sylvester II was also given.

Mahabharata Unknown Secret
The Mahabharata Secret
source : amazon

Recent books such as the Mahabharata Secret” (2013) by Christopher C. Doyle, Finders Keepers (2015) by Swapan Saxena is a popular television series like Heroes, mentions the ancient Secret Society of India.

The Lethal Knowledge of Molding the Mass

The first book contains complete discussion on the subject of propaganda. It is assumed to have accurate instructions on Psychological warfare which can be used to affect the masses and established authority over a country or the world.

Adolf Hilter
Adolf Hitler
Source : history

It is said that Hitler was genuinely interested in these texts, and had sent many teams to India and Tibet during the early 1930s in order to achieve secret and mysterious information in the subject. Some belief that Nazis even managed to gain a part of the information which they used to manipulate the Germans.

Anti-gravitational research

These texts also described the process of building interstellar spaceships through anti gravitational laws. It mention Laghima, a physiological phenomenon which allows humans to defy gravity.

Although, India was not ready to take these studies seriously. But China announced to use the texts found in Tibet in their space research program. It was the very first time when a country had announced scientific research on anti gravitational force.

As Ashoka instructed, the secret society had to remain confined to nine men and it is believed that they still exist in silence and working towards the welfare of human kind.

Interesting facts about these unknown men

1. Theosophists from across the world believe that The Nine Unknown Men are real and are continuously working for the good of humanity.

Jagadish Chandra Bose
Jagadish Chandra Bose
Source : dnaindi

2. It is also being said that Indian Scientists like Jagadish Chandra Bose was a dedicated believer of the secret society. While some say that Bose was actually a member of the this unknown society.

Nine Secret Books unknown
Nine Secret Books
Source : wattpad

3. The nine books guarded by these Nine Unknown Men are continuously rewritten and improved over time and the books hold a great knowledge that is very hazardous to mankind.

Martial Art Form (Judo)
Source : punchermedia

4. The first book is about Propaganda and Psychological warfare which teaches how to mold mass opinion. It is said that it is the most dangerous book of all 9 books. The second book is about physiology which illustrate how to kill a person simply by touching. It is known as ‘The touch of death’, the book teaches how to reverse the nerve pulse of a human by a simple touch and kill him or her. Many people also say that the Judo( martial art form) is a result of leakages from this second book.

Vaccine of Bubonic Plague
Vaccine of Bubonic Plague
source : medicinenet

5. The third book deals with Biotechnology and Microbiology. Some say that cholera vaccine was given to the world by The Nine Unknown Men, which is possibly a piece of knowledge written in this third book. The fourth book is about transmutation of Metals and Alchemy.

The Vimanika Shastra
The Vimanika Shastra
Source : amazon

6. The fifth book deals with communications and explains how to communicate with extraterrestrials. The sixth book is believed to be on gravitation and Vaiminika Shashtra which describe how to build vimanas (airships) which are often referred as ancient UFOs.

Clock Time
Source : pinterest

7. The seventh book deals with Cosmology holding the secret of time travel including means of inter and intra universal trips at enormous speeds directly through space time fabric. The eighth book is about light which illustrate how to increase or decrease the speed of light and even use it as a weapon. The last one the ninth book is believed to be on Sociology which holds the secrets of societal evolution and predicting their downfall.

So the question is: Is the Secret Society of The Nine Unknown Men real? Even if it is, we will probably never come to know, at least not in this lifetime.

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